where are we bringing the booze?


Gold Coast Wine Delivery


Want wine delivered to your door, Gold Coast? Well, Jimmy Brings has got you covered. We’re bringing an amazing range of curated wines for every taste and budget delivered to you on demand. From a crisp Pinot Gris to a juicy Malbec, we have all kinds of wine for all kinds of occasions. 

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Did you throw a party and all your guests forgot to bring their own? Typical. Did you just arrive to your holiday home and realise the bottle shop is too far to walk? Is the kick on getting a little too hectic for anyone to get behind the wheel, but the fridge is starting to look a little bare? That’s literally why we’re here! We want to help you make the responsible decision and not get behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking, and also make sure our service is incredibly convenient! You can order on our website, our app or over the phone. Plus, all of our orders are delivered in a refrigerated van, so our white wine, sparkling and champagne arrives nice and cold and ready to drink. But not our red wine - don’t worry! We’ve also got a huge range of beer, spirits, mixers and even snacks for you to choose from, so every aspect of your party can be taken care of. Well… except the playlist, that’s up to you.


So jump online and order and you can track our drivers using GPS technology and you’ll see them arriving to your place in 30 minutes or less! Keep the party going with Gold Coast wine delivery and Jimmy Brings. All you have to do is enjoy!