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White Wine Online


If you’re looking for a drink to pair with any occasion, you need not go any further than white wine. Whether you want to match a Riesling with dessert, enjoy a Pinot Grigio, or step onto the dance floor after a Prosecco, the white wine family has something for everyone. As if its many guises weren’t enough, the nectar of the pale grape just enjoyed a boon. Thanks to Jimmy Brings, you can now buy white wine online.

For too long, wine lovers watched as shoes, clothes, groceries, and cooked meals became available for online order. At last, justice has been served: you can now order white wine online with Jimmy. Now, if you’re planning a night in, you can enjoy a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc without leaving your couch. No longer do you need to don your “outside clothes” and head to the bottle shop. With a few clicks, you can buy white wine online and have it delivered while you stream Netflix.

Of course, white wine is also an eminently social drink. In fact, for many, no party is complete without a decent Pinot Gris on hand. It’s at such events that your ability to order white wine online truly comes in handy. Perhaps the party host has under-stocked, or maybe the guests brought soft drink instead of Semillon. Whatever the reason, if your shindig is facing a vino shortage, Jimmy Brings can assist in a dash.

Simply peruse our extensive range, buy white wine online or over the phone, and leave the rest to us. Delivery occurs within 30 minutes, and with GPS tracking on your order, you’ll stay in the loop at every step. Finally, our refrigerated vans will ensure your white wine arrives as it should: chilled to perfection.  

For quiet nights, righteous gatherings, and all things in between, Jimmy has you covered. Order white wine online through Jimmy Brings and enjoy vino blanco’s many guises.