where are we bringing the booze?


Alcohol Delivery Sydney


It was early 2012 and David Berger and Nathan Besser, two mates from Sydney’s eastern suburbs who had already launched a successful online delivery start-up, decided something had to be done about the hole in the online alcohol delivery space in Sydney. With three-hour delivery in Sydney encompassing everything from food to fashion; groceries to floral bouquets, the dynamic pair decided to launch the first platform for online alcohol delivery that Sydney had been craving.

Alcohol delivery seemed the obvious solution to the many common problems their friends had bemoaned over the years. No car or access to a train station, but need to cater a dinner party? Had a couple too many to drive, but need to replenish booze supplies for the crew? Would love a glass of wine or two with dinner, but not keen on venturing out in the rain? Jimmy Brings has your back in all of these situations.

Thanks to Jimmy Brings, you can have your alcohol delivered in thirty minutes. And because he’s a real stand up guy, he’ll make sure it’s delivered ice cold too (okay, except for red wine). Jimmy’s also technologically gifted—you can watch your driver getting closer and closer via a GPS tracking system, so that you’re ready to fling open the door the moment that van of fun pulls up at your door.

With the hole in online alcohol delivery in the eastern suburbs successfully plugged, Jimmy has extended his prowess into the inner west and the lower north shore. So now Jimmy’s mates all over town can enjoy the prompt (and responsible) delivery of alcohol when they want it, how they want it. You’re welcome.

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