where are we bringing the booze?


Spirits Online


At Jimmy Brings, we know there are spirits for every mood. Looking to get the party started? A couple of Bacardi and Colas will do the trick. Want to feel like a boss? You can’t look past a good Whisky on the rocks. Would you like to sip on something crisp while discussing Victorian-era shipping routes? Hey, there’s a gin for that! Every aficionado has their liquor of choice; and now, when you buy spirits online with Jimmy Brings, you can have that liquor delivered to your front door.

Regardless of the occasion, there is nothing worse than realising you’re short on spirits. For instance, imagine this: you’ve planned a quiet night at home with a classic book and a glass of Scotch. Once you’re settled in, though, you realise you’ve run out of your favourite liquor.

In the past, you’d need to put down your Hemingway novel, find your shoes, and travel to the bottle shop. These days, thanks to Jimmy Brings, you can order spirits online and stay at home while we deliver to you.

Now, imagine an even worse scenario: you’re hosting a party, and every guest has brought mix drinks instead of spirits. In the dark days of yore, all guests would draw straws to choose who would drive to the bottle-o.

However, in our glorious modern age, you can download the Jimmy Brings app or visit their website and browse our wide range, buy spirits online, and receive them within 30 minutes. Our GPS tracking keeps you up-to-date with your order, and our refrigerated vans will have your vodka ice-cold on arrival. In short, we make it easy to order spirits online.

If you’re looking to enjoy your favourite Cognac, Bourbon, or Tequila, Jimmy is the guy for you. Buy spirits online with Jimmy Brings and let us deliver the right spirits for your mood.