where are we bringing the booze?


Red Wine Online


There’s nothing like a good red wine to set the mood for the evening. Whether you’re hosting an epic get together, pairing Pinot with porterhouse at the family BBQ, or bingeing on Netflix, a fine bottle of red wine will transform any evening. And what’s better than deciding to buy red wine? Having it delivered to you in 30 minutes.

That’s right, it’s now easier than ever to order red wine online and have it delivered in 30 minutes. Gone are the days of needing to put on pants and travel to the store every time you want a Merlot. With Jimmy Brings, you can now buy red wine online in a few short clicks. In other words, you can keep streaming your favourite HBO show and let the Shiraz come to you.

Choosing to order red wine online isn’t only for relaxing nights in. If you’re hosting a party, liquor catering can pose a conundrum. Many guests aren’t certain whether to bring alcohol, soft drink, or snacks – and that’s not counting the freeloaders who “forget” to bring anything. In any event, a lack of red wine at a function will only result in sour faces.

Fortunately, Jimmy Brings ensures these problems are a thing of the past. Now, you and your friends can choose from a vast array of vinos, order red wine online, and wait for Jimmy to do the rest. And with 30-minute delivery times, you won’t be waiting long.

Like to think of yourself as tech-savvy? Download the app and buy red wine online. Prefer the personal touch of a conversation? You can place your order over the phone. Once you’ve made your purchase, you can even track your delivery via GPS.

From first-time wine drinkers to seasoned connoisseurs, Jimmy Brings has something for everyone. The next time you’re looking to order red wine online, you know who to turn to.