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We all like the concept of having online alcohol delivery, and guess what, it's no longer just a concept. It's a reality. No longer is it only available for your take out dinner, your weekly fruit and veggie shop or those cowboy boots you found on eBay that you just can’t live without. Now it's available for alcohol, and available delivered cold in just thirty minutes?  Now that’s what we call raising the bar.

Alcohol delivery is not only convenient it also solves the age-old problem of what to do when you and your mates are having a good time and the booze runs out. Nothing kills a dinner party or a backyard BBQ quite like realising you’ve run out of booze. Awkward. How many times have you been hanging with your bestie, enjoying a cold bottle of sav blanc, when you realise (with horror) that the bottle has run dry? You don’t want to venture out into the big, bad world but another couple of glasses while you pour over Instagram together would be nice, right? 

Enter Jimmy Brings. Launched in 2012 by the tech-savvy entrepreneurs who brought you Suppertime (now Foodora) this start-up pioneered the online alcohol delivery space, by recognising the need for alcohol delivery that could be ordered over the phone or online and delivered within thirty minutes. GPS tracking lets you know where your order is at all times and when it will arrive. Jimmy Brings has now expanded from their base servicing the eastern suburbs and now deliver alcohol to the inner west and lower north shore.

Choosing to have your alcohol delivered is a smarter – and safer – option for people who have had a couple of drinks and are not ready to call it a night. So if the bottle shop is not within walking distance, the party is too fun to leave, the boy is too handsome to tear yourself away from or you just got home from work and deserve the right to flop on the couch with some ice cold beer - calling your main man Jimmy and getting your alcohol delivered is the answer to the question you didn’t even know you could ask.